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The OpenBlend Podcast

Anna Rasmussen

At OpenBlend, we're on a mission to enable managers to better look after their people. Traditional performance management is broken and work-life balance is an out of date concept, today, employees are motivated by their work-life Blend: a mix of personal and professional drivers that enable them to achieve all their goals in life. We've launched this podcast to share real stories that bring this to life. OpenBlend Founder & CEO Anna Rasmussen interviews a variety of senior HR and people leaders, delving deep into their stories, what drives their approach to people performance; unearthing how they deal with their own unique challenges within their respective industries and work with OpenBlend to unlock the performance of their people. Each of these leaders shares how they think about the ‘whole person’ and have dealt with the impact of isolation on their colleagues. They’ve put the need for effective remote management at the forefront and ensured open and honest coaching-led conversations are at the heart of every manager/employee relationship. The distance brought about by Covid19 to our working relationships has made the need for effective people-centred performance management more important than ever. We hope you are inspired by these stories of breakthrough people leadership.